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It’s Blitz!!!!! April 5, 2009

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After listening to the new Yeah Yeah Yeah’s “It’s Blitz!”, all I can say is that I feel like you’d feel (hopefully) about an ex that you once deeply loved: you wish the best for them because they have alot to offer and congratulate their success, but can’t help but miss the good ol’ days….In my case, I miss them in their “Fever to Tell”-era. There are very few albums that stand the test of time for me like that one. It absolutely never gets old for me. Maybe because it’s a heady mixture of NYC grit, sex, angst, rock and passion. It’s an utterly primal album and it speaks to me on a completely subconscious level.So, while I can appreciate the glossy synth beats, organic layers, and carefully channeled vocals of Karen O to sound more pleasing to the ear, I miss the raw urgency, tastelessness, flagrant eroticism, chaos and animalistic yelping. Kinda like this:

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Karen O’s still the baddest bitch in rock. March 10, 2009

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I don’t love this track.  In fact, I find it rather soulless…but also a little fun.  I’m sure it’ll inspire me to dance like a fool come 1am on a Friday night at Creekside.  After my initial disappointment with “Zero” and “Heads Will Roll”, though, I’m reserving my judgement for “It’s Blitz” until a few unbiased listens.   Bottom line, it’s really exciting to see Karen O back in top shit-kickin’ form and fully embracing her role as a true rock star, especially in an age where there are so very few.  Even with glossy production, choreography and disco beats, she’s still the baddest bitch in rock.

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