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“Kill Your Idols” May 8, 2009

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The other night I watched this documentary, “Kill You Idols”, that bills itself as “Thirty years of alternative NYC rock n’ roll”.  Sounded pretty enticing to me, so I jumped right in.  Well, not quite.  More correctly, it’s a bunch of bitter, burned out, indignant No Wave dinosaurs like Lydia Lunch (never heard of her?  well, don’t bother, because she sucks), DNA, Suicide and Theoretical Girls ripping on the second half of the movie, featuring the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Black Dice, LIARS and Gogol Bordello.  I guess these bands are supposed to represent the product of the No Wave movement (which lasted about 8 months, for those who don’t know) in NYC during present day.  Right, ok…I’m not saying that any of those bands are going to change lives or spur some sort of cultural revolution, but they don’t deserve the whipping that they receive from said old, pretentious folks.   Just like advertising, tv and movies receive unfair accusations of corrupting society, so does music.  Well, just like all other mediums, music is a direct byproduct of the capitalistic, narcissistic culture we live in.  It’s really easy (and embarrassingly cliche) to romanticize the flithy, dirty needle-laden, gutter pit that was NYC in the 1970s, because now it sounds so “rock n’ roll”, but, let’s be honest, pain and misery that bares forth raw scum rock is only truly appreciated from the safe confines of a comfortable, sanitized era like the NYC of today.   Sure, The Yeah Yeahs Yeahs might receive endorsement deals and sign to major labels, rip off predecessors with their sound, but, firstly, that’s the reality of today’s music business, and secondly, nothing is new.  Nothing.  Every single sound, paint stroke, word, feeling and thought is completely unoriginal.   Get over it.  And, it’s so clear that Lydia Lunch completely wanted to be famous, against her denials, due to her insessant raving rants about how much the current NYC scene sucks.  Tired, worn out hag.  It’s on Sundance OnDemand.  Watch it, if nothing else than to be indignant and see an amusing interview with Thurston Moore, which is the highlight. 


Most anticipated SXSW parties March 13, 2009

Here they are:





Nothing like a little Rudd to make it all better… March 5, 2009

After writing the previous hatred-spewing post, I found this in my inbox.  Proof that there is a god…


Miley Cyrus is going to “ruin” Radiohead. Yeah. Right.

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Firstly, “Is this real life?!”

So, I’m hating myself for even thinking, let alone, writing about this, but this just crosses the line.  I really do hate it when people talk about Radiohead like they’re some sacred cow.  It’s totally obnoxious…blah blah blah…But, I really don’t care because I unabashedly adore them.  “OK Computer” consumed a few years of my life.  Yeah, I know, how utterly typical.  Whatever.  However, this conversation is basically the worst.  Miley Cyrus is not allowed to let Radiohead enter her thoughts, let alone listen to them.  And, definitely never ever expect to actually meet Thom Yorke.

So, she’s very coy in the first few minutes about this band that dissed her at the Grammy’s.  A band that is “the reason she loves music”.  Ugh.  Throws in the adjective “stinkin!” somewhere along the line which will undoubtably catch on like wildfire with the tween contingent.  Then, these shitty morning radio DJs are like, “No, lemme guess..Bon Jovi? Foo Fighters? The Wiggles? U2 is the BEST…Coldplay is soooo good.  But Chris Martin is so quirky in interviews.  Haha!!”  My rising anger boils over at this point.

Miley: no amount of your threatening Disney wranglers is going to intimidate them into meeting you, because no matter how much money you make, they’re always going to be fundamentally better people than you.  They have something that money can never buy: integrity.  I know it’s a dreadfully confusing concept to you, but it’s something that truly talented people who passionately believe in their craft possess and an unwavering belief system that they live by.  Let me break it down for you.  Essentially, they’d rather die than be a glorified whore for a large media conglomerate.  They take on indie projects for the love of the process, because they are constantly pushing their own personal boundaries and absolutely must challenge themselves to live, and not to gain some sort of “hip” credibility.  They make music because they MUST.  Success is just a serendipitous perk that comes along with living their lives in a truly authentic way.  I know, I know, you’ll never get it.

And you cried when you met Chris Martin because no matter what you accomplish in life, you’re always going to be a painfully typical person without any original thought to say or think.  Oh, I’d highly recommend not listening to the last few seconds of the interview because (spoiler) she butchers a few lines of “Creep” and your soul will die a little inside having heard it.

And, no, self-proclaimed “music aficionado” morning radio show DJ, “Sex on Fire” is not the best song ever.  You clearly don’t know anything about music due to your praise for Coldplay, U2 and KOL when they’re all clearly past their prime, entirely soulless and churning out the radio hits, having resigned themselves to another cog in the music industry machine.   As a side note, why hasn’t KOL starred in an Apple commercial?  And, no, Miley, their dad doesn’t own a church in Switzerland.  He was a Pentecostal pastor that was “defrocked” because he was a deadbeat alcoholic father in back water Tennessee.  How are you not friends with Bono?  My disdain for the current KOL media whirlwind will have to be resigned for another post, though.  But, seriously, who the hell hadn’t heard of them before their latest?  They have like 4 albums yet people act like they’re a new band.  And, the best still remains “Aha Shake Heartbreak” which was released in 2004.  If I have to hear someone say, “Dude, I am so loving this new band.  They’re called Kings of Leon.  I discovered them.  They’re pretty obscure and a little different, but I think you’ll love em!” or another conversation along those lines, I will get mad and…not do anything.


This is the absolute WORST. January 31, 2009

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What’s a Bromance??!! The most homoerotic show evers. Courtesy of Brody Jenner. Obvi. January 6, 2009

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So, why mess with excellence?  I totally agree with Videogum when they say this: “Bromance makes me wish that I was smarter. I know that Liz Lemon and Jack Donaghy say that graduate students are the worst, but if I was better at critical thinking and dialectical argumentation, I would totally go back to school just in order to write a PhD thesis about this show and its incredibly complicated treatment of modern American masculinity.”


Shit’s gettin soooo meta.

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I’d write a post about last night’s GG episode, but why bother when Videogum already nailed it? Gossip Girl \”The Realm of the Basses\”